Using NasalCare Shortened 4.5 Days of the Common Cold Duration

Cure Common cold with nasal care

It Was a Breakthrough Medical Research

A group of doctors conducted a controlled, clinical, and laboratory-observer-blinded three-group comparison study. The study was approved by their hospital’s ethics committee. The study participants were workers from a large company whose employees normally came to the study hospital for treatment, which made it easy to conduct all needed follow-up visits. All participants were first clinically diagnosed with a viral infection. Then, they were further tested for the influenza virus antigen.

All participants completed their daily symptom diary. They all came back to the clinic to have the day 4 and day 8 clinical follow-up visits. All of them completed the study treatment assignment. Nasal irrigation was performed three times a day—in the morning, at midday, and in the evening (at about 7:00 a.m., 1:00 p.m., and 8:00 p.m.) by the patients in the nasal irrigation groups. Patients in the control (or comparison) group were treated with the hospital’s standard of care. The main approach was to treat fever or relieve nasal congestion.

The physician who performed the clinical evaluation was blind to the patient’s study group assignment. Likewise, laboratory technicians were blind to the patient’s group assignment.

Clinical Research Result

Patients in the control group had more than eight days of cold disease. But for the patients who were in the treatment group using the NasalCare Nasal Irrigation Kit, the cold duration was cut by three to six days. The median reduction of the durations of the colds was 4.5 days. In the other words, the patients with colds who performed nasal irrigation only had two to five days of the cold, not the eight days those who did not experienced. As mentioned, they published their findings in the Journal of Infectious Diseases and Immunity in June 2011. From that study, the doctors observed that it is not a question of what percentage of patients received a benefit, since all patients benefitted; it was a question of how much benefit each patient could get from this simple practice.

For influenza, the World Health Organization recommends isolating new patients for fourteen days, since that is the normal duration of influenza. Patients with the flu in this clinical study had an average duration of 5.5 days. Performing nasal cleanse with the NasalCare Nasal Irrigation Kit cut the duration by 8.5 days. That is why the physicians who work with infectious diseases are so pleased to see the results of this breakthrough medical research.

It is well known that the symptoms and signs of a cold/flu will usually become worse in the first few days. This is due to the fact that the virus accelerates its growth speed after initial penetration of your epithelial cells, and your immune system then proportionally adds more firepower to win the battle. After the battle reaches a peak, the immune response overtakes the virus, and the symptoms gradually subside to be completely resolved in about seven to fourteen days. In this study, the doctors did indeed observe that the patients in the control group had an increase in the severity of their diseases each day until day 4 or 5. But the patients in the nasal irrigation group had decreased symptoms on successive days. So, it is not a surprise that the doctors reported the cold disease duration was cut by 4.5 days.

It is such encouraging news that performing nasal irrigation is a new way of curing the cold and the flu. Definitely, using NasalCare to perform nasal irrigation is much more effective than using zinc or echinacea, which only cut cold duration by about one day.

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