How to prevent antibiotic-resistant infections

 health and infectionIt is everyone’s responsibility to avoid the risk of getting antibiotic-resistant infections. It is important to understand that antibiotics designed for bacterial infections are not useful for viral infections such as a cold, cough, or the flu.

Below are some useful tips to remember:

1. Talk with your healthcare provider about antibiotic resistance:
1) Ask whether an antibiotic is likely to be beneficial for your illness
2) Ask what else you can do to feel better sooner.

2. Do not take an antibiotic for a viral infection like a cold or the flu.

3. Do not save some of your antibiotic for the next time you get sick. Discard any leftover medication once you have completed your prescribed course of treatment.

4. Take an antibiotic exactly as the healthcare provider tells you. Do not skip doses. Complete the prescribed course of treatment even if you are feeling better. If treatment stops too soon, some bacteria may survive and re-infect.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

5. Do not take antibiotics prescribed for someone else. The antibiotic may not be appropriate for your illness. Taking the wrong medicine may delay correct treatment and allow bacteria to multiply.

6. If your healthcare provider determines that you do not have a bacterial infection, ask about ways to help relieve your symptoms. Do not pressure your provider to prescribe an antibiotic.

7. Ask your healthcare provider if nasal irrigation will help your condition.

8. Ask your healthcare provider if there is any natural medicine can be used to help your condition.

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