The Rhinovirus Causes Most Colds

From the name of the rhinovirus, you know they are the nose viruses.

Rhinovirus cause about a 50 percent of all common colds. Rhinovirus grows at 91 oF (33 oC). As you know, the normal temperature of the rest of your body is about 98ºF (37ºC), so the cold virus would have a hard time trying to grow in a non-nasal environment. This largely explains why the common cold is a disease of the nasal cavity. Your nose, all year round, is the preferred place for rhinovirus to grow, since the local temperature is right for it.

You know, however, that more people catch colds in the winter. This is because they are more closely in contact with other people in the winter than in the summer. You get rhinovirus from others when you inhale what was coughed or sneezed out or touch some cold-virus contaminated area with your hands. Your contaminated hand is very likely to touch your nose. That’s why your nasal cavity is where the cold virus enters your body and why it is also the location for the inflammation reaction—the cold disease.

In the nasal cavity, these rhinoviruses only grow on the surface of the nasal lining; they do not penetrate deeply into the muscle or bone. Your nasal tissue damage also happens only on the surface (epithelium). Knowing the location for most common viruses to cause a cold, you now have a clear target to pay attention to: your nasal cavity’s inner surface.

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