Met the Experts during the National Infectious Disease Conference


Using NasalCare to cure common cold – discussed with leading experts in infectious diseases

Today (October 20, 2011) I attented the 49th Annual Meeting of Infectious Diseases Society of America, held in Boston Convention Center. I met and discussed with the national and international experts in infectious diseases. These experts are very pleased to know finally there is a therapy for treating common cold safely and very effectively. They agree that patients should using NasalCare® Nasal Irrigation Kit to perform nasal irrigation three times a day to effectively remove any newly released viruses from the damaged cells. And, this will bacically stop the growth of any new viruses since no “seed” viruses after proforming an effective nasal irrigation.

To the question why NasalCare is so effective – it is rather a simple answer: both cold viruses and inflammatory factors were cleansed out from nasal cavities. The receptors of these cold viruses were removed as well. We all know that there is no drug or vaccine for common cold. Influenzas viruses keep mutating, and anti-flu drugs and vaccines have limitations in the treatment and prevention of flu. NasalCare’s patented technology is a non-drug and non-vaccine approach to fight against cold/flu virus infection. This medical breakthrough provides an important evidence that effective removal of these viruses from nasal cavities is an alternative way to protect against cold/flu symptoms.

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