Nasal irrigation is very beneficial

nasal irrigationBody cleansing is everyone’s business. Nasal irrigation is one of the body cleansings.

Nasal irrigation has been practiced by many people for ages. It is used to cleanse out excess mucus, clean and moisturize the nasal cavity. Nasal cleansing with the right solution is to promote general wellness. Although nasal irrigation is not a part of daily regime in the western hemisphere, it is a daily practice in many areas of South Asia countries.

You may wonder what do the researchers have to say about this practice?

To date there have been numerous clinical studies which have tested the efficacy of nasal irrigation. Collectively, there is good scientific evidence that nasal irrigation can help treat allergies, respiratory disorders, sinusitis, pollen, pet dander, and mold allergies, allergies during pregnancy, and allergic rhinitis or hay fever, and cold/flu.

For treating chronic rhinosinusitis, a number of ear nose and throat doctors recommend nasal irrigation as the first line of the therapy.

For treating common cold and Flu, a breakthrough medical study published in 2011 showed that performing an effective nasal irrigation with NasalCare Irrigation Kit three times a day can reduce the duration of common cold by an average of 4.5 days! No other therapy ever has been reported to have this kind of effect.

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