For common cold nasal irrigation is more important than washing hands

nasal irrigation is a cureIt is the time to think differently! Nasal irrigation is more important than washing hands in preventing common cold

The common cold is the most common disease worldwide. The cost to the U.S. economy due to common colds was more than $40 billion dollars a year as estimated in 2003 by leading investigators at the University of Michigan Health System. This cost is substantially more than other conditions such as asthma, heart failure and emphysema. Each year, the cold leads to more than 100 million physician visits, more than 189 millions missed school days, more than 126 millions missed workdays for parents to stay home to care for their sick children; and millions of missed working days by employees suffering from a cold. Americans spend $2.9 billion dollars on over-the-counter drugs and another $400 million dollars on prescription medicines for symptomatic relief. Additionally, more than $1.1 billion dollars is spent annually on the estimated 41 million dollars antibiotic prescriptions for cold sufferers, even though antibiotics have no effect on a viral illness.

It is very concerned that how these treatment patterns, opposed by the CDC, contribute to the development of antibiotic resistance, a significant public health concern in addition to the economy loss. Because there is no cure for the cold it gets far less attention than many less common conditions. Therefore, an intervention that would effectively prevent and/or treat the cold would have a huge health and economic impact, far greater than for chronic heart diseases. Therefore, for the patients, for the families, and for the society, it is important to reduce the cost and suffer from the common cold.

We have practiced washing hands for ages. It helps to reduce the virus spread but not dramatically. Now it is the time to think differently: nasal irrigation is more important than washing hands.

The common recommendation for preventing the cold and flu is: Wash Your Hands. However, getting cold and flu viruses is mainly though nasal cavity. Either inhaled from the air or introduced by the contaminated hands, cold and flu viruses cause problems in the nose. Once the viruses enter the nasal passage, it begins to replicate if not removed within 24 to 72 hours. If the virus is removed from the nasal and sinus passage before replication, then the cold or flu is prevented. From the healthy people’s point, washing hands cannot be as effective as washing nose in reducing the viruses in nasal cavity.

Patients spread cold and flu viruses by sneezing and/or coughing. If the patients perform an effective nasal irrigation, the viruses will be largely removed. New coughing or sneezing, if any, will carry much less viruses. In this regard, washing hands cannot be as effective as washing nose.

The clinical study already determined that NASAL IRRIGATION can treat the cold or flu. If the cold and flu can be treated, it is very likely cold and flu can be prevented by performing an effective nasal irrigation. Prevention is in effect the best COLD CURE.
There is a more cost-effective device for nasal irrigation. It does not cost hundreds, it costs about $14.99.

This practice seems a little disgusting. However, think about it, you wash your hand with a strong soap or disinfectant to remove and kill germs. Why not wash the nose, the real place for the cold and flu happening? You do it in your private place. The other perception is not more important than keeping you healthy.

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