Water Helps You Lose Weight

Posted by James Liu on

Bet you didn’t know water can help you lose weight!

Taking in a lot of water can actually help an individual lose weight very easily. Water in itself is 100% calorie free and as you may have probably noticed, calories are responsible for weight gain in individuals. When you take in foods rich in a lot of calories, the body responds by gaining weight and increasing its size.

Water when taken into the body boosts metabolism thus helping the body to also get rid of excess fat and protein that has been deposited inside the body.


  • Helps to boost metabolism thus in the long run reducing the weight of an individual.
  • When taken before meals, it leads to a feeling of satiety or being full thus reducing the amount of food that one takes in at a seating.


  • May lead to the dilution of different minerals in the body when taken in large amounts. This may include minerals such as potassium.


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