Respiratory Viruses Cause Asthma and Importance of Nasal Irrigation

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Viral respiratory infections can cause increased airway responsiveness in humans. Increased airway responsiveness usually begins early during the acute viral infection and then causes asthma.

Why viral infection can cause asthma attack (flare up)?

1. Increased airway responsiveness

a. Increased sensitivity so any little trigger can cause a big trouble
b. Increased maximal response so a weak trigger can cause a big reation

2. Altered small airway geometry

a. Airway wall thickening – feel short of breath
b. Plugging of the lumen – less air in and out
c. Mucus secretion – reduce oxygen exchange
d. Cellular debris – functionally narrow air way

3. Increased airway inflammation

a. Nonspecific immune responses
Epithelial cells – edema
Endothelial cells – release reative chemicals
Macrophages and monocytes – release inflammatory factors
Granulocytes – release inflammatory factors
b. Interactions with preexisting airway inflammation

Nasal irrigation to remove these harmful substances

Nasal irrigation with NasalCare System is easy, safe and effective in removing viruses from upper airway. If you can perform daily nasal cleansing, you can reduce or eliminate these internally produced harmful substances. You will be on the way to reduce the frequency of your asthma flaring up.

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