Using NasalCare Cleansed Cold Viruses Away

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In the historical clinical study published in June 2011 in JIDI, medical investigators determined that cold/flu viruses could be removed by performing nasal irrigation three times a day. On the day 1 office visit, or baseline visit, the patients had not yet performed nasal irrigation. Their nasal secretions tested positive for an influenza virus. After performing nasal irrigation three times a day for three days, all patients, who had previously tested influenza virus positive, became Flu virus negative on the day 4 office visit. Clinically, these patients had basically recovered from the viral infection. During the next office visit on day 8, all those patients again tested negative for the virus in their nasal secretions, and all patients were clinically fully recovered.

Because the patients could not come to the clinic every day to test for viruses in their nasal secretions, there may be a chance that these viruses were cleansed out even before the Day 4 office visit. This clearly indicates that timely performing nasal irrigation with the NasalCare Irrigation Kit in treating the non-complicated viral infection may have the similar efficacy to the well-known antiviral drugs, since the anti-Flu drugs can reduce the duration of influenza by more than one day. For lung infection caused by influenza viruses, you need to take ther anti-flu drug for five days, and some side effects were reported. Drug resistance of the flu viruses also occurs quickly.

To know more of the why influenza viruses became negative, the medical investigators further determined the concentration of the cold/flu virus receptors in the nasal secretions. These virus receptors are critical for the virus to be able to enter into the epithelial cells to grow (replicate). If these receptors become unavailable for the viruses, the newly released cold viruses then cannot attach to the epithelial cells in the nasal cavities, then the repeat infection by the cold viruses will be inhibited. The study reported that the concentrations of the virus receptors in the nasal secretions among all groups were very similar before the study treatment. However, after performing nasal irrigation, the concentrations of the virus receptors in the nasal secretion of the patients were significantly lower than those from patients in the control (comparison) group.

In summary, timely performing an effective nasal cleansing can remove these cold/flu viruses out of your body, and get recovery quickly.

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