Nasal Irrigation with an Advanced Neti Pot

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Advanced neti pot for nasal cleanse

Neti pot is commonly used for nasal cleansing.

A neti pot holds the liquid and the liquid runs into the nasal cavities through gravity. Neti pots are traditionally made of ceramic, plastic, glass, or metal. This simple device has been used for hundreds of years and is beneficial in promoting health in general, and reduced suffers from a variety of disorders. Many doctors, including Dr. Oz, recommend nasal irrigation with a neti pot. For those users who prefer using gravity for nasal irrigation, the neti pot is the choice.

The advanced neti pot kit has a compact neti pot with a cover cap to ensure a neat nasal cleanse; the biocompatible solution is nasal lining friendly.

ENT Doctors Recommend Nasal Irrigation

Ear, nose, and throat surgeons recommend nasal irrigation with a Neti pot or other method for their patients who’ve undergone sinus surgery, to clear away crusting in the nasal passages. Many people with sinus symptoms from allergies and environmental irritants also have begun to regularly use the Neti pot or other nasal irrigation devices, claiming that these devices alleviate congestion, and facial pain and pressure. Research backs up these claims, finding that nasal irrigation can be an effective way to relieve sinus symptoms when used along with standard sinus treatments. For some people, nasal irrigation may bring relief of sinus symptoms without the use of medications.

Why Nasal irrigation helps?

The basic explanation of how the Neti pot works is that it thins mucus and helps flush it out of the nasal passages.

A more biological explanation for how the Neti pot works has to do with tiny, hair-like structures called cilia that line the inside of the nasal and sinus cavities. These cilia wave back and forth to push mucus either to the back of the throat where it can be swallowed, or to the nose to be blown out. Saline solution can help increase the speed and improve coordination of the cilia so that they may more effectively remove the allergens and other irritants that cause sinus problems.

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