Doctors Talk about Preventing the Common Cold

more common cold in winter
Below is what medical doctors talking about preventing the common cold.

It’s that time of year, when the sound of holiday music is muffled by coughing and sneezing. While many claim it’s only allergies, Doctor Paul Lenkowski in Virginia says there is one way to detect a cold.

“They both have similar symptoms but there is one easy way to tell difference is a fever. Allergies will never cause a fever,” says Dr. Lenkowski.

And while you have heard year after year to wash your hands, the bigger question is, do all the drugs and vitamin’s people claim prevent a cold really work?

People swear taking zinc, Echinacea, vitamin c, and vitamin d3 prevent every sniffle and sore throat. According to our panel of experts, 5 out of 5 say taking those so called miracle pills, even everyday won’t protect you. However four out of 5 say you aren’t totally wasting you money on buying them, especially when you do get sick. They agree taking those vitamins can help you get over the cold.

“It may shorten the duration potentially but you know to what extent I am not certain, people swear by it than that is okay just don’t take things that will harm you,” says Dr. Lenkowski.

However there is a 100 percent guaranteed way to not get the common cold, says Doctor Aldo Alamo, a colleague for Dr. Lenkowski.

“If you want 100 percent in terms of the common cold, you want to prevent common cold don’t see anybody stay home,” says Dr. Alamo.

For an effective prevention, one should and can cleanse out these inhaled cold viruses from a family reunion, or coming back from a large sport event. You never know who you saet next or met during the day carries cold viruses. If you perform an effective nasal cleanse, chances are, these cold viruses cannot duplicate in your nose.

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