Advanced Nasal Irrigation Overview

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Nasal irrigation Upright

Modern advanced nasal irrigation cleanses the nasal cavities with a biological compatible liquid. It is done by instilling a unique solution into one side of nostril and allowing it to drain out of the other nostril. It can also drains from both nostrils and out of the mouth.

Advanced Device

A squeeze bottle equipped with liquid-air valves can deliver a cost -effective nasal cleansing. Using this OTC medical device to perform nasal irrigation with a repeating actions of squeezing-releasing (pulsatile cleansing) can massage the nasal lining, get ride off these solid or semi-solid dirty accumulate in the nasal cavities.

The pulsatile nasal cleansing manages symptoms of chronic rhinosinusitis (symptoms for more than 12 weeks) and this is the most common indication. Many clinical studies clearly indicate the beneficial effects of nasal cleansing in reducing symptom severity.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Solution Concentration

A slightly hypertonic solution (>0.9% but <1.5% sodium chloride in water) made with sea salt and Aloe extract, buffered with citric acid, sodium citrate sodium bicarbonate can ensure a comfortable and effective cleansing. Pure saline (0.9 % table salt) is not good for nasal lining.


A range of conditions may respond to saline nasal irrigation but the evidence supporting its use is less conclusive:
1. allergic rhinitis
2. chronic rhinosinusitis
3. acute upper respiratory tract infections (URTI, Common cold, Flu)
4. rhinitis of pregnancy
5. acute rhinosinusitis

Mechanism of Actions

The mechanism of actions of nasal cleansing have been revealed by a number of clinical studies.

1. Improves breathing capacity by removing debits from nasal passage through direct cleansing;
2. Remove viruses and bacteria,
3. Remove inflammatory mediators,
4. Improve mucociliary function by increasing ciliary beat frequency
5. Improve sense of smell by increasing the function of neural cells in the nose

Adverse effects

Virtually none
A small amount of the residual liquid could be left in the sinuses. This can evaporate to maintain sinus moisture. If an old nasal irrigation system were used, the following side effects may be experienced:
– self-limited sensation of ear fullness
– “stinging” of the nasal mucosa


– incompletely healed facial trauma
– increased risk for aspiration, such as intention tremor or other neurologic or musculoskeletal problems.

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