Environmental Factors Triggering Asthma and Importance of Nasal Cleansing

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asthma lung inflammationEnvironmental Factors Triggering Asthma

More than 8% of Americans have asthma. Many factors can cause asthma to flare up. Adults and children may have the different sensitivities to these triggering agents, such as cigarette smoking, furry pet, cat allergen, house dust, damp and musty areas. Respiratory viruses in the air are also the unique environmental factors. All of these environmental factors need to accumulate to the threshold amount in the respiratory tract before causing a symptomatic asthma. Can you do something about it to reduce or even prevent asthma attack? I think so.

Why Asthma Patients Need to Performing Nasal Cleansing?

The simple method is to perform a frequent nasal cleansing. Think about this for a minute. All these environmental factors are inhaled into your respiratory tract. If the concentration of the environmental factor in the air is so high, you will have the asthma flare up immediately. If the concentration is low, and can be accumulative. Only when the accumulation reaches a threshold in your upper or lower respiratory tract, your asthma will flare up. Performing a frequent nasal cleansing can remove these inhaled environmental factors away from your body. I do know some of these asthma patients reduced their frequency of asthma flaring up after using NasalCare Nasal irrigation System to perform a daily nasal cleansing.

Nasal irrigation is easy, safe, no drug interaction. If you hate asthma flaring up, you then perform the test by yourself – if your asthma frequency can be significantly reduced by performing an effective nasal cleansing.

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