OTC Asthma Inhaler Questions and Answers:

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A lot of the information about OTC asthma inhalers that you read online is old or outdated for 2016.

Below are up-to-date answers to questions we often get from our customers.


Prime Asthma Relief Kit over the counter inhalerIs an OTC Asthma Inhaler Available Now?

Yes, we’re working on getting the word out, but our Prime Asthma Relief Kit and Refill are available now.

Our over the counter asthma inhalers are available in a variety of stores (we’re expanding that every day) and you can buy it online with Free shipping in the united states. Our customers order online and report that they get their package in a few days. Depends on the USPS and the distance from our Milford, Delaware Headquarters.

Can you buy inhalers over the counter?

Yes, you can. Our Prime Asthma Relief is available OTC, right now.
Contrary to all controversy about other OTC inhalers, our Prime Asthma Relief is a dry powder epinephrine inhaler, with no propellants or other chemicals. Just your breath! No batteries, not chemicals, no other-devices.

Over the counter asthma medication has become increasingly hard to come by in the last several years. That’s less about the Epinephrine and more about the delivery device or the CFC propellant.

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Are there other otc asthma inhaler brands on the market now?

Our Prime Asthma Relief is the only one currently available that we are aware of, and our customers report that they find it a viable alternative to the other brands they used to use OTC.

Do you make an over the counter albuterol inhaler?

Not at this time, our Prime Asthma Relief is Epinephrine based, and we find epinephrine is time-tested reliable OTC ingredient, and most desirable OTC medication that can be utilized for asthma relief.

Can I get your over the counter inhaler at Walmart?

We are in the process of expanding our availability in Walmart, and you may find Prime Asthma Relief in your local Walmart sometime. Each month we are rolling out to more stores nationwide.

I was looking for an OTC asthma inhaler in Walgreens and thought I saw your Prime Asthma Relief – do they keep it in stock regularly?

No, Not yet. We are working to keep and expand stocks of Prime Asthma Relief in local retailers in 2016. Walgreens is among the retails we are actively working with.

As far as over the counter inhalers go, can I use Prime Asthma Relief as a rescue inhaler?

No, we do not recommend or present Prime Asthma Relief as a rescue inhaler. But it is effective for reducing mild symptoms of asthma.

For asthma symptoms in adults is it effective?

Yes, but of course It depends on physical factors. Prime Asthma relief is a great alterantive for adult asthma if the symptoms are less severe.

I have adult onset Asthma, and wish I could manage it with epinephrine over the counter but I can’t always find it.

Yes! You can keep Prime Asthma Relief on hand and you’ll always have epinephrine at the ready in the event of an asthma symptom.

As far as over the counter bronchodilators go, is Prime Asthma Relief effective without propellant?

Yes, dry powder inhalers are time tested proven technology, and they require no batteries, or propellants.
When you try Prime Asthma Relief, be sure to read the directions about doing a full exhale out before you use the inhaler, and then you’ll get the maximum effect.

So your inhaler works without CFC’s?

Yes, it’s a simple dry powder inhaler. Commonly used by many companies.

How Much is Your OTC Asthma Inhaler?

Our Prime Asthma Relief is available as a Kit for $34.99 which includes the inhaler device, and 20 capsules.
Then you can buy refills after that from us also. You can order easily online and we offer free shipping in the U.S.A.

Is Prime Asthma Relief the only asthma inhaler for sale that you currently offer?

Yes, but in a few months our mist version of Prime Asthma Relief, called EpiMist is coming out!

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