Don’t Drive With a Common Cold

Do you like to drive for 100 yards on a highway while closing your eye?

Driving with the common cold is an automobile accident waiting to happen. The sneezing, tearing, fever and puffy eyes make your reactions behind the wheel as slow as a partygoer who has pounded back several drinks, reports a U.K. Research Team.

RealAge reports all the symptoms of the common cold contribute to slow reaction times, fatigue, and general unsteadiness. With puffy, watering eyes, vision is also said to be impaired, giving you the characteristics of being mildly drunk.

It says sneezing usually lasts around 2-3 seconds, so at 110 km/h (69 miles/hour) on the highway just one sneeze is effectively  like driving up to 91 meters (100 yards) with your eyes closed. If you have a bad cold, repetitive sneezing can be even more hazardous.

On top of this, the report says driving while suffering from a cold can be made more dangerous if you have taken medication. Most cold and flu medicines contain a decongestant, which can cause sleepiness and very relaxed and slow-to-react muscles. A label on the back should advise of possible drowsiness effects, with some warning users not to operate machinery.

The advice is, if you really need to drive while suffering from the sniffles, it’s best to check any medication labels, and if possible, not take any medication until you finish your driving. Either that, or simply ask a friend or relative to drive you, pick up the phone to have a taxi.

Americans get 1 billion colds each year. So you can bet that many drivers will be bobbing and weaving down highways. Don’t be one of them.

For a fast recovery? Perform an efffective nasal cleanse. A group of doctors reported a breakthrough research in June 2011 that patients with colds or Flu performed nasal cleansing using NasalCare Nasal irrigation Kit, three times a day, their symptoms reduced the next day, and recovered very fast. The average reduction of the cold duration is 4.5 days. Flu was also gone quickly.

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