Using NasalCare Reduced the Cold’s Severity


Patients know the severity of cold symptoms

In the controled blinded and comparison clinical study, medical investigators had all the patients record the severity of their symptoms of viral infection in their “disease diary.” The average symptom severity scores for patients in each group were similar on the day 1 visit (baseline).

After collecting all the patients’ disease diaries during the day 4 and day 8 office visits, the investigators analyzed the data and concluded that the severity of cold symptoms of the patients in the control group worsened from day 1 to day 4. However, in those patients treated with NasalCare, the severity lessened the day after they started nasal irrigation. For patients in the control group, their mean viral infection symptom scores slowly but steadily increased from day 1 to 4 and then gradually declined. At the end of the study (day 8), they still had at least one viral infection symptom.

In contrast, those patients who performed nasal irrigation three times a day, showed no worsening in symptoms after nasal cleansing, and furthermore, the severity of symptoms quickly decreased on each successive day. On day 3, the reduction of cold symptoms scores for patients in the nasal irrigation groups were much better than the control group’s. On day 4 and thereafter, the viral infection symptom scores for patients in the nasal irrigation groups had returned to normal, unlike the scores of those patients in the control group.

On the day 4 and day 8 office visits, a physician who did not know the patients’ assignment groups conducted the medical examinations for each patient. The medical examination data were very similar to the data reported by these patients. The signs of viral infection were much less severe in the nasal irrigation groups than in the control group.

It is pretty logical; when the inflammatory factors were washed out along with cold viruses, both sides of the battlefield dramatically reduced their number of fighters, so both infection and inflammation were suppressed.

Therefore, the severity of the viral infection was reduced. That’s why using NasalCare to perform nasal irrigation is more effective than taking zinc or Echinacea.

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