NasalCare Reduced Inflammation of the Nasal Cavity

Nasal Spray and inflammation

An ENT evaluated inflammation status of the nasal cavity

During the same clinical study, the otolaryngologist observed the inflammation status of the nasal cavity of the patients with colds on the day 1, day 4, and day 8 office visits. The inflammation status was not different on day 1 among all the patients; this was before starting the treatments. The patients in the nasal irrigation group had a significantly lower inflammation status on day 4 and day 8 than those in the control (comparison) group. As these authors pointed out, the possible mechanism by which nasal irrigation reduced the severity of nasal inflammation could be due to removing inflammatory mediators, such as histamines, prostaglandins, and leukotriens, contained in nasal mucus. These inflammatory mediators not only create a hostile environment for viral replication; they also cause nasal tissue damage.

Dr. Terence Davidson’s group conducted a clinical study and published their findings in the journal The Laryngoscope in 2000. They compared changes in inflammatory mediators in patients with perennial rhinitis treated with nasal hyperthermia or hypertonic nasal irrigation. They demonstrated that “the greatest decline in histamine levels occurred in the group using hypertonic saline nasal irrigation, with declines in leukotriene C4 levels occurring exclusively in this irrigation group, and not in the hyperthermia group.” Their literature review indicates that nasal irrigation is effective in decreasing symptoms of nasal disease.

Research for Mechanism of Nasal Irrigation

The mechanism by which this improvement is hypothesized to work is that nasal irrigation promotes improvement of nasal symptoms via: 1) improving mucociliary function, 2) decreasing mucosal edema, 3) decreasing inflammatory mediators, and 4) mechanically clearing the infected mucus. All in all, patients performing nasal irrigation with the NasalCare kit effectively removed cold viruses and cleansed out inflammatory mediators; as a result, the cold symptoms became less severe very quickly.

This medical breakthrough paves the way for using a new, more effective cold therapy, since it is the right approach for removing both viruses and inflammatory mediators.

Finally, human society has a way to cure the common cold safely and effectively!

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