Happy to Help Your Family to Deal with Cold/Flu

Common Cold -InfluenzaI read a question at Yahoo Questions-Answers Sites and decided to provide a detial answer to this very caring person’s question. I’d like to share with you since this could happen in your family.

“My mum has had a cold for about 3 weeks, last week she was given a flu jab by occupational health at work, she said to the nurse before the jab that she had a cold and is it still safe to have the flu jab and the nurse said yeah your fine, as long as you dont have a fever, so she had the flu jab, she was speaking to one of the other nurses at work the next day and they said she shouldnt of had the flu jab at all.

Anyways, since then shes just been so ill, barely eating and feeling really weak and tired, now my fears are that she has pneumonia because shes lost her appetite, so weak she couldnt even cook christmas dinner, shes got aches and pains and she feels really cold even though the house is warm, she gets breathless just by doing little things and she says her chest is tight, shes just been laying on the sofa all day, iv tryed giving her sugary drinks to see if that makes her feel better but its just not working. shes 42 and she smokes so i know that pneumonia is more common in smokers.

do you think this is pneumonia?
what other symptoms are there?
your experiences are much appreciated, thanks in advance”

My answer (the Best Answer – Chosen by Asker):

Based on the information you provided, she might have pneumonia or bronchitis, the infection inside the lung. Since she suffers so much right now, she needs to seek for help from a healthcare provider. As for an online help, below is my opinion:

First, she has been sick for three weeks, that is not a typical cold. The regular cold is less then two weeks. She might have sinusitis from the cold to make the cold longer.

Second, after your mum had a Flu vaccination, her health becomes worsening. I checked with CDC website, below are these listed side effects:

Soreness, redness, or swelling where the shot was given
Fever (low grade)
Very rare – some allergic reactions to flu vaccine.

Third, please measure your mum’s body temperature to make sure she does not have a bad fever as she feels really cold even though the house is warm.

Fourth, provide Gatorade as she needs to have electrolytes to maintain a normal body fluid. Chicken soup is another good choice.

A number of other symptoms could be from pneumonia or bronchitis, such as cough, but you are a non-medical professional and cannot care your mum that much even you like to do more. Your mum know herself better. Ask her if she truly needs to see a doctor.

I see you are a very caring kid for your parent. This answer is a penny award.

Best luck for your mum and family.

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