Air Pollution and Nasal Irrigation

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 Air is perhaps one of the most abused natural resource for human being.  Overcrowded cities,disappearing greenery which are capable of purifying the atmosphere, dusting, industrial and vehicular pollution, all have contributed to air pollution. As a result, respiratory disorders are increasing at an alarming pace. More than half the population suffers from one or the other type of respiratory disorders.

Most people know the important function of the lung. Here we need to pay attention to the nose. The outer portion of the nose is the part you can see. It is made from cartilage, a soft rubbery tissue that gives it its shape; it’s attached to your skull at the nasal bone. Inside, the nose is divided into two cavities, leading from each nostril, which are separated by another strip of cartilage called the septum.  The inner nasal cavity is also connected to other deep cavities called sinuses.

In order for you to smell something, you must have a normal structure and function of the nose, plus the materials inhaled from the environment. Everything you smell is giving off molecules. Those molecules are usually small, easy to evaporate chemicals that float through the air into your nose. A piece of metal has no smell because nothing evaporates from it. These molecules floating into your nose are called odorants. They stimulate sensory nerve cells (neurons) in the olfactory bulb called receptors, which send electrical impulses to the brain.

To maintain the normal structure and function of your nose, you need to cleanse the nose frequently, especially if you are living and/or working in the area of heavy air pollution. NasalCare nasal irrigation kit is your choice. This kit has an irrigator and the packets of the pre-mix.

NasalCare Irrigator has two valves – liquid valve and air valve to make sure an effective irrigation. The solution made from the pre-mix is nasal membrane friendly. This nasal irrigation system won the “Best New Product” award at the 2010 North America Efficient Collaborative Retail Marketing Conference for Cough & Cold and Allergy.

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