Voting Day – Select the Optimal Tool to Cure Your Cold/Flu

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Voting Day

Today is November 8, 2011, Tuesday, a voting day to elect these local government officers. You should also consider to vote the best product for protecting you and the one you love the most during the cold season.

The Cold Season Started

Your neighbor in your working office called sick this morning. Your 7-year-old sneezed to you when you hugged her after returning from school. During your weekend shopping in the mall, you heard many were coughing and sneezing. You have the risk of getting sick. Most likely, it will be the all-time familiar one – the common cold. Coming to November in the US, year after year, the cold season starts.

You were used to suffer from the cold. It should not the same this year! You have the right tool to defend yourself and the one who you love the most.

These Previous Products or Methods

You know or heard about hand washing, vitamin C, chicken soup, zinc pill or herb preparations for dealing with the cold. Nothing is wrong for you to practice these procedures or take these materials.

You can also do gargling. Viruses and bacteria like to hang out in the back of the throat and nose; a long gargle for about 30 seconds may help somehow. Since gargle can only force the solution to reach a limited area of the nasopharyngeal cavity – the back of your nose.

You may know using a neti pot to perform nasal irrigation to help you. It is recommended by many doctors. You can do it. But, neti pot is an old technology. You must tilt your head to let the liquid run through from the higher position to the lower position of your nasal cavities. Your ear canal is not far away from the back of your nose. It is the nature – gravity drives the liquid flow from the higher to the lower place. You can figure this out quickly why neti pot is not the ideal tool to wash the virus-contaminated mucus out of your nose.

The Best Product for Treating Common Cold

The winner of the “Best New Product” for Cough, Cold and Allergy is the ideal tool for you to treat your common cold. When you perform an effective nasal cleansing, please don’t use these irrigators with back-wash risk. NasalCare Irrigator has two valves – liquid valve and air valve to make sure an effective irrigation. The solution is nasal membrane friendly.

A group of doctors reported a breakthrough research in June 2011 that patients with colds or Flu performed nasal cleansing using NasalCare Nasal irrigation Kit, three times a day, their symptoms reduced the next day, and recovered very fast. The average reduction of the cold duration is 4.5 days. Flu was also gone quickly. This is a safe, easy and very effective treatment.

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