The Cold Disease Is in the Nose

The cold virus grows at 91 oF (33 oC) — your nose and throat are the perfect place for these viruses to grow. (Couch RB. Rhinoviruses. In: Fields Virology 1996). That’s why the common cold is also called viral rhinitis (the root rhin- meaning “nose”). These viruses are not transferred through the blood. In addition, the damage to your nasal cavity is clearly on the surface. These viruses do not penetrate deeply into other tissues. This provides great hope for the possibility of a very effective topical therapy. I was so excited when I first realized these two afcts: Ha Ha — The Nose! Obviously, treating the nose must be easier than threating the lung.

In addition, when cold viruses invade your nasal epithelial cells, your nose and throat experience the trouble first. That is why a sore throat is generally the first sign of a cold. Most adults have gained the experience of knowing what is the cold! Your nose tells you the cold is here.

Yes, the cold viruses can be brought to the other places. But, before they spread, you have the opportunity to stop them from entering to the other places by simply, cleansing your nose.

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