Preventing Common Cold Using Nasal Irrigation

In the USA, countless people contract several colds and flu each year. Virtually everyone has the risk of catching a cold during the winter season.

Although the current #1 recommendation for preventing the cold or flu is to “Wash Your Hands,” I believe, just as simply, a nasal wash using the advanced nasal irrigation product is the better and more powerful step since colds and flues are spread by sneezing, coughing or even by wind current. Hand-contact to introduce cold viruses to yourself may only account for a small part. You inhaled a lot of cold viruses if you were closely seating to the one who was coughing and sneezing.

This information though simple is very effective! Think about it, you wash your hands with a soap or disinfectant to remove and kill the cold virus. However, we may forget to wash our hands or it may not be convenient, which means we can still transmit the virus to our nasal passage. It is worthwhile noting that a cold or flu bug on the hand will likely infect you and maybe one other person. Alternatively a bug in the nasal passage that is allowed to replicate can potentially infect millions, and that’s nothing to sneeze at.

Also, the fact is that more cold viruses or flu viruses can be transmitted via a cough or sneeze. This means just washing the hand may not be enough to protect us from the virus.

It is very easy to determine if NASAL IRRIGATION or a sinus rinse can prevent the cold or flu. Prevention is in effect the best COLD CURE. During the risky period of the cold/flu, each evening, you should use the advanced nasal irrigation system to perform a nasal irrigation.

Why give yourself a try to prove it? No fun to have a weeklong cold/flu.

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