Preventable Diseases Related to Thanksgiving

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Certain diseases can happen any time but more during Thanksgiving. Treatment of these diseases is costly after a severe suffer. These disaeses can be prevented. Prevention is better than treatment.

Alcohol over-consumption

It is a happy time and people tend to drink more than normal. Many accidents in the house or in the traffic are closely related to alcohol over-consumption. For self healthcare, people need to minimize their alcohol consumption. But if you don’t, stay away from relatives and carving knives to reduce health risk for everyone.

Food over-consumption

Most ER physicians on duty during Thanksgiving observed that a number of health problems are related overindulgence, with pain and sometimes vomiting as the immediate sequelae of food over-consumption. Eating too much can sometimes be life-threatening. If someone has an inflammatory bowel disease such as Crohn’s or ulcerative colitis, a large amount of turkey combined with gravy and mashed potatoes, along with pumpkin pie, can cause intestinal blockage. If not treated timely, the patients could lose life.

Burns from deep-frying turkey

Deep-fried turkey has become popular in recent years as it is tastier than the oven-roasted variety. Deep fry requires immersing the bird in gallons of boiling oil. Particularly, drinking while deep frying was frequently a factor in such incidents. Many people got burned severely when take out the hot and heavy bird from the boiling oil. Burns can ruin the turkey-day family happiness quickly.

Travel Tragedy

The Wednesday before and the Sunday after Thanksgiving are traditionally the highest-volume traffic days of the year in the US. Flight could be delayed or cancelled due to a variety of reasons. Roads conditions could be very bad due to weather and overcrowded vehicles. In addition, some drivers may be less patience than normal days. Many adverse events could happen.

Infection within family

It is the beginning of the cold season. Viruses causing the common cold or flu are brought into the family from everywhere. The family members are lack of the immunity against these new viruses. Sickness peaks after the turkey day. Prevention and treatment – yes, perform an effective nasal cleansing is an effective method.

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