How to be a Healthy and Lovely Grandma during Thanksgiving

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During the cold season, your grand children carry many unknown type of cold/flu viruses from their daycare center or school. They were infected by these viruses many times so these viruses may not cause any further trouble.

However, if they come to your home for Thanksgiving family reunion, you may be infected since you have no immunity for these viruses. Do you avoild to meet your grand children? If your health condition truly disallows you to meet them, you may have to isolate yourself. However, you can protect you to keep you healthy while you meet your lovely grand children. Below is how:

Performing nasal cleansing everyday

During the period when your grand children are with you, these cold/flu viruses can be spread around in the family. When you hug them, you will closely contact them. The viruses can be passed to you. If your hands touched these places contaminated by your grand kids, your hands will most likely be touching your nose or eye during the day. These cold/flu viruses enter your nose – the final place to cause trouble for you.

Performing an effective nasal cleansing can largely remove these recently inhaled or introduced viruses by your hands.

If you can practice this simple and easy nasal hygiene, you can be free from catching cold/flu from your grand kids.

Be a healthy and lovely grandma with NasalCare during the Thanksgiving holiday!

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