Cleansing Out Microorganisms to Postpone the Coming Post-Antibiotic Era

Post-Antibiotic Era is the third Eva after the Pre-Antibiotic Era and the Antibiotic Era.

Pre-Antibiotic Era. This was the period before antibiotics were discovered. Millions of people died from common bacterial infections.

Antibiotic Eva. In 1928, the famous scientist Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin – and he won the Nobel Prize. Since then, many antibiotics were discovere4d and developed for treating human and animal infectious diseases. Currently, human beings have the luxury of knowing that most bacterial infections can almost always be cured by using antibiotics. Even some viral and fungal infections can be cured as well. We are now in the Antibiotic Era.

Post Antibiotic Eva. It will be a time when all antibiotics no longer work because bacteria have become resistant to any of all kinds of antibiotics. Currently, medical community worldwide is facing the challenge that so many bacteria developed the resistance to multiple antibiotics. These bacteria are called superbugs.

Most scientists believe that the coming of the Post-Antibiotic Era is inevitable. Some doctors keep trying to postpone its coming. Some other doctors, however, under patients’ requests, prescribe antibiotics for many diseases not caused by bacteria. For example, millions of Americans are treated with antibiotics for colds every year, when not one of them has been helped by it, and the result is to speed up the whole country moving into the Post-Antibiotic Era.

I have been trying hard to invent and develop the non-drug and non-vaccine methods to treat infectious diseases. For the most common disease – common cold, my way is to cleanse these cold viruses out of the nasal cavities. It works very well. Truly, no other medicine can achieve the recover speed compared to using NasalCare three times a day in curing the cold. It takes time for most people to realize the importance of this point, but soon, many people will believe in me – physically cleansing out the microorganism is one of the ways to postpone the coming of Post-Antibiotic Era!

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