Americans concerned over value and safety of vaccines

Doctors recommend nasal irrigation  In the latest poll conducted by Thomson Reuters and NPR in August 2011, it seems that about a quarter of Americans are concerned with the safety of vaccine use.

Americans concerned over value and safety of vaccines

“According to the new research, which polled more than 100,000 households between Aug. 1 and 16, 24% of respondents said their opinions of vaccines have changed in the past five years and among them, 59% said their views on vaccines have become less favorable. What’s more, 26.6% of respondents expressed apprehensiveness over the safety of vaccines. The highest level of worry was expressed among respondents with children under 18 years old (30.8%), while those ages 65 years and older had the least concern (18.5%).”

As a trained physician in infectious diseases, I am strongly in favor of vaccination. When people make their own decision not to have a vaccine, I’d like to inform them that they need to take some protective approaches. The simple thing is to pay attention if they contacted someone who has any infection symptoms during the day.

To protect themselves, they need to do two things on that day: (1) perform an effective nasal cleansing to remove any inhaled viruses in the air; (2) wash their hands frequently so the virus-contaminated hands will not introduce these viruses into their nose or eye.

Timely removing these viruses with NasalCare Nasal Irrigation Kit from the nasal cavities during the winter is a healthy practice. I believe eventually, this practice will be very popular. It is a safe, easy and inexpensive method, like daily tooth brushings.

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