Volumetrics – The Smart and Healthy Way to Control Your Appetite

The key concept to help you lose weight the healthy way is to consume the food containing high nutrients and low calorie, a natural way to control your appetite without hunger.  You need to drink adequate water to remove these metabolic waste materials.

When we say control your appetite, we mean the natural and healthy way, and certainly do not mean by taking appetite suppressants that are unnatural, which cause more health issues in the long run as the bodily harmony is broken. Now here is why…

While appetite control system can be complex, it is basically broken down into 3 areas:

  • Your automatic nervous system
  • Your weight control metabolic hormones
  • Your brain messengers

When your stomach is empty, it secretes hormones that tell your body and brain you are hungry and need to eat. Your brain then prepares the stomach to anticipate food. When you eat, the food enters the gut and releases more hormones that prepare for digestion.  As the food enters its way into your bloodstream, more messages that coordinate your metabolism telling your pancreas to produce insulin.  Your body then sends messages along with the signal from your stomach that you are full. Your liver then processes protein, fat and carbohydrates and helps coordinate calorie storage or burning.  This entire process happens automatically on “autopilot” without the slightest awareness on your part.  Therefore, when any outside molecule such as unnatural appetite suppressant is introduced into this cycle, your body is forced to be out of balance and communication between these organs starts to breakdown, and hence the result is weight gain or disease.

To simplify, it essentially means when your body connects these parts of your control systems and talks to each of its organs in its own language, your body sends a signal when it needs you to eat or not to eat.  This means when your body tells you it’s time to eat, you will EVENTUALLY eat regardless what your willpower tells you.  The key to successful weight loss is to find a way to create harmony among these parts of your body that regulates your appetite without disrupting its natural course of food processing and feedback loop mechanism and without introducing extra calories that contribute to unwanted weight gain.  For this reason, Volumetrics is the smart solution for effective, healthy and natural appetite control.

As you can see, you need to allow the natural cycle to work and work on its own “undisturbed”.  And inserting Volumetrics into this cycle works well.  As Volumetrics has been proven since the 1990s and based on more than two decades of research by Dr. Barbara Rolls at Pennsylvania State University, it works and works wonders.

Dr. James Liu, MD, PhD in Nutritional Sciences at Pennsylvania State University, Founder and CEO of DrNaturalHealing, Inc. developed Soup4Life™ by combining Volumetrics for natural appetite control along with balanced and complete weight loss nutrition, and encourage you to have adequate water, to ensure an effective, healthy and lasting weight loss without hunger.

Visit http://soup4life.drnaturalhealing.com to get started.

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