Simplest And Easiest Way To Lose Weight. Period.

If you believe losing weight is hard work, prepare to be pleasantly surprised. Dr. Jim Liu, MD. Nutritional Science Ph.D., founder and CEO of DrNaturalHealing, Inc., explains the secret resides in the principle of weight loss law and how to get the law to work for you the simplest and easiest way. He reveals, based on his thirty years of medical and nutritional science research and study, the is a way to tap into the rhythm of weight loss and lose weight almost effortlessly. 

This principle, also the backbone of his new weight loss product – Soup4Life™ is Volumetrics in Weight Loss.  Volumetrics is based on more than two decades of research by Dr. Barbara Rolls at Pennsylvania State University.  According to Volumetrics, you feel full because of the types and amounts of food you eat, not because of the number of calories or the grams of fat, protein, or carbs. Unlike diets that are based on deprivation, the Volumetrics approach is to use these foods with high volume but low calorie so that you can eat lots of foods while still losing weight.  In the past, losing weight with the Volumetrics has been proven and achieved by many people with a strong will and nutritional education. However, for non-nutritional or non-medical savvy general population, this approach was less effective in practice as most people need a simple and easy solution that fits their current life style.

Dr. Liu and his team developed Soup4Life™ to provide a simple and easy solution to the general population in need of weight loss.   Soup4Life™ works beyond the Volumetrics principle, it delivers a complete weight loss nutrition with more than 30 proprietary ingredients along with convenience and mouth-watering natural flavors all in one product.

You simply drink Soup4Life™ three times a day before each meal and watch yourself turn slimmer.

Hard work? Hardly!

In fact, Dr. Liu has put himself on trial first. With BMI of 26 for the last twenty years, by drinking Soup4Life™ three times a day – the only change he introduced to his life style, Dr. Liu was able to lose 8 pounds and drop BMI from 26 to 25 within 2 weeks!

Soup4Life™ truly is The Simplest and Easiest Way to lose weight.

Want to see the proof of the pudding in the soup drinking?  Give it a sip and see for yourself.

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Ready to Take the Soup4Life Challenge?

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