Mind Over Weight Loss

Obesity is a serious national crisis and the third leading cause of death. Almost two-thirds of Americans are overweight and one-third obese.

At DrNaturalHealing, we understand overweight is a “dis-ease” or “lack of ease” of the mind and body, and overweight is merely a symptom, not the root cause of the “dis-ease”.  To fundamentally address this issue, promote your overall wellbeing and yield a lasting result, a whole mind-body approach needs to be taken.

Based on recent studies, research has shown that there are many types of overeaters and to name a few…

Compulsive overeaters – always think about food
Impulsive overeaters – poor impulsive control related to food
Emotional overeaters – mood-related overeat when sad or happy
Anxious overeaters – use food as way of distraction

Furthermore, research also suggests, in some cases, overweight can be closely related to early life trauma.

So overweight can be an addiction in a sense, an inability to suppress a behavior despite the negative consequences is common in addiction.  With addiction, psychology plays a critical role and cannot be ignored.

It is until your mind is ready to embrace this bodily change and the inner resistance is cleared, both mind and body are ready to make this “shift” together.  It is almost like the mind is your left leg and the body your right leg and only when both left and right legs are in sync and in agreement on where you are going, you can then start to walk and run on a path of non-resistance.

Dr. Jim Liu, M.D. and Nutritional Science Ph.D., founder and CEO of DrNaturalHealing, Inc. and his team of R&D scientists understand the importance of a well-balanced mind-body when it comes to effective and lasting weight loss.  The team hence developed Soup4Life™ – A New Weight Loss Product that takes the mind-body approach to make the weight loss simple, fast, healthy, and lasting.

Soup4Life™ is simple!
1-Step Soup4Life™ allows you to simply drink Soup4Life™ before each meal. THAT’S IT! Just drink your way to a slimmer body.  There is NO hunger, NO dieting, NO calorie counting, NO planning, NO nothing. Just drink Soup4Life™ before every meal. Most importantly, there is NO change of your existing lifestyle required to make this work.  Simply eat the same type of food you normally eat.  Exercise the same intensity and frequency if you already work out.  If you don’t exercise much, then continue the same.

With other product in the market that claims it will be wondrously effective “if used simultaneously with a healthy diet” of which you need to study and follow strictly “and regular exercise program?" Soup4Life™ is completely different and unique.  While we certainly do not want you to start any unhealthy eating habits, such as eating beyond the point of fullness or discourage you from starting any healthy exercise routine, we do want to stress the simplicity of Soup4Life™.  As the weight loss result is not contingent upon or dependent of these factors.  In fact, the weight loss result is independent of these factors. No matter what your current lifestyle, as long as you keep the eating habits and exercise the same, you will see results. It’s just that simple with 1-Step Soup4Life™.

Soup4Life™ is fast!
While each person’s BMI is different and a healthy speed of weight loss is also important to minimize muscle loss.  Soup4Life™ is designed to generate 3 to 7 pounds weight loss during the first 10 days and continue as the program progresses.

Soup4Life™ is healthy!
Developed by Dr. Jim Liu, M.D. and Nutritional Science Ph.D., Soup4Life™ is complete with balanced nutrition that your body needs during this phase of change.  It includes ingredients that improve fat burning, prevent muscle loss, help boost energy level, strengthen the immune system, and promote probiotic while reducing fat absorption.

Soup4Life™ is lasting!
Real taste mouth-watering all-natural flavors that truly satisfy your hunger.  With chicken, Beef, and etc. flavors to choose from, your taste buds never get bored. Simply mix with hot water and enjoy before each meal.  Since Soup4Life™ integrates both mind and body in the process and treats the whole-person instead of just the body, it generates lasting weight loss result so you can keep the weight off forever.

To learn more about Soup4Life™, please visit http://soup4life.drnaturalhealing.com/

Ready to Take the Soup4Life Challenge?

We know losing weight is the goal. That is why we're confident that Soup4Life can help you do it! At no risk to you, simply use the link below to place your order take the Soup4Life challenge!

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