Overview of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a complete medical system that is capable of treating most diseases.

TCM consists of:
• herbal therapy
• acupuncture
• dietary therapy
• exercise
• lifestyle management
Some of these may be used in combination in the course of your treatment.

TCM is an ancient system of health care that has undergone continual development over the centuries as the causes of illness keep changing. In China, the origin country, it is not an alternative medicine, it is used in most hospitals along with modern medicine.

Although your practitioner will treat whatever complaint you have come for, the traditional view places great attention to preventing disease. The best doctor is the one who can prevent you from sickness. Chinese Medicine recognizes the importance of disease prevention, and this unique capacity is to harmonize and enhance our capacity for enjoyment fulfillment and happiness.

Are Chinese Herbs Safe?

Chinese Medicine has been used as front line medicine by the majority of Chinese population since before recorded history, and is still the most widely utilized medical system worldwide today. Adverse reactions to Chinese herbs are extremely rare and are negligible when compared to those commonly produced drugs by pharmaceutical companies.

What are the Herbs like?

Herbs are now available in a number of formats, both traditional and modern, such as liquid, dry power, capsules, gel, tablet, or patch. The herbs in liquid form will taste unusual at first to anyone who has not tried before, but most people will get used to it quickly. When it is in a capsule or other forms, the taste issue is gone.

What Diseases Can They Treat?

Chinese Medicine can understand and treat all forms of illness, especially the chronic diseases. The results that can be expected and the length of treatment required will depend on the severity of the disease, it’s duration and the general health of the patient. Chinese Herbal Medicine is probably most renowned in the west for it’s effects on:

• Skin disease
• Gynecology
• Digestive complaints
• Respiratory conditions
• Allergies
• Disorders of immunity
• Pain
• Psychological problems
• Addiction.

Who Can be treated?

Chinese Herbal Medicine can be used by people of any age or constitution. Your practitioner will take any previous or current illness or medication into account before providing treatment. Children and pregnant women can be, and commonly are, cared for with Chinese Herbal Medicine.

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