The Shift Towards Preventive Medicine

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In the past, the emperor always preferred to have the superior physician who could diagnose and treat illness before it would manifest in a form where the emperor developed symptoms. The inferior physician, on the other hand, waited until the emperor had developed obvious symptoms.

In fact, in earlier times, doctors were paid to keep their patients well and actually lost their job and salary when their patient got sick.

In modern days, why shouldn’t we be cared for like an emperor?

The principle is the same: take advantage of preventive care and not wait until suffering through a sickness.

You know the importance of your health. But what is health, itself?

Modern medicine describes health as merely the absence of disease, which has dominated the thinking of Western doctors for many decades.

The 2500-years old Chinese medicine book defines that health is the status of the whole body is in harmony.

When you are healthy, you have a positive and peaceful feeling of well-being, both mentally and physically. Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Recently, during our U.S. national health care reform, we have been witnessing a shift in public interest towards preventive medicine, which emphasizes preventative care and the enhancement of well-being.

The foundation of the Dr. Natural Healing brand of personal health is through preventive care.

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