Glossary of Inhalation Therapies

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Aerosol is solid or liquid particles suspended in a gas

Atomizer is a device used to form a mist of fine droplets from a liquid. A high-velocity air jet passes over a liquid feed tube and draws liquid to the surface by the Bernoulli effect. The liquid is then propelled forward as a thin sheet, from which it breaks up into droplets by shear-induced instability.

Nebulizer is an atomizer modified with a baffle or impactor in front of the jet to remove large particles from the air stream

Fume is the solid-particle aerosol produced by the condensation of vapors or gaseous combustion products

Vapor is the gaseous state of substances that are normally in the liquid or solid state at normal room temperature and pressure.

Smoke is the visible aerosol resulting from incomplete combustion; the particles can be solid or liquidmovie The Invisible Guest trailer

Dust is the solid-particle aerosol formed by mechanical disintegration of a parent material, such as by crushing or grinding

Powder is a solid substance in the form of tiny, loose particles

Suspension is the mixture in which particles are suspended in a fluid and the particles are large enough that gravity causes the particles to settle

Solution is a homogeneous mixture of 2 or more substances; frequently a liquid solution

Gas is a state of matter distinguished from the solid and liquid states by (1) relatively low density and viscosity, (2) relatively great expansion and contraction with changes in pressure and temperature, (3) the ability to diffuse readily, and (4) the spontaneous tendency to distribute uniformly throughout any container.

Mist is a liquid-particle aerosol formed by condensation or atomization

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