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Why Dr Natural Healing® Prenatal Multivitamins? During pregnancy, the higher requirement of many nutrients are naturally needed for supporting the rapid growth of the baby. Adequate intake of nutrients during...

Why Dr Natural Healing® Prenatal Multivitamins?

During pregnancy, the higher requirement of many nutrients are naturally needed for supporting the rapid growth of the baby. Adequate intake of nutrients during the first trimester is difficulty due to nausea and vomiting. The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends that pregnant women take a prenatal vitamin supplement.


Dr Natural Healing® Prenatal Multivitamins Nutritional Information:


Service Size: 1 Tablet
Folic acid: 800 mcg, 100% DV
Vitamin A: 5000 IU, 100% DV
Vitamin C: 100 mg, 166% DV
Vitamin D: 400 IU, 100% DV
Vitamin E: 30 IU, 100% DV
Vitamin B1: 1.5 mg, 100% DV
Vitamin B2: 1.7 mg, 100% DV
Vitamin B3 (Niacin): 20 mg, 100% DV
Vitamin B6: 2 mg, 100% DV
Vitamin B12: 6 mcg, 100% DV
Pantothenic acid: 10 mg, 100% DV
Calcium: 200 mg, 20% DV
Iron: 27 mg, 150% DV
Zinc: 15 mg, 100% DV



China FDA (CFDA)
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Nutritional Content and Ingredients

Folic acid - The medical professionals advise all women of childbearing age to take a multivitamin supplement containing 400 mcg of folic acid daily to reduce risk of neural tube defects of the fetus in case of pregnancy. During pregnancy, the new recommendation from the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy for folic acid intake is 800 micrograms a day.

Vitamin A and others - Many doctors recommend to take prenatal pills with reasonable amounts of vitamins and minerals. Avoid excess vitamin A. Though vitamin A is essential for growth, vision, and immunity, too much vitamin A intake during pregnancy may result in side effects. Therefore it is recommended to use a supplemental vitamin A no more than 5,000 IU a day, as your food can supplement certain amount of vitamin A.

Iron to Reduce Preterm Birth Risk - Iron helps your body transport oxygen, prevent anemia, and reduce the risk of preterm and low birth-weight babies. Suggested iron intakes nearly triple during pregnancy to a level that is difficult to satisfy with food intake alone. Prenatal vitamins therefore supply all the iron you need for the day during and before pregnancy and 27 milligrams (mg) is the right amount.

Calcium for Bones and Teeth - Calcium is necessary to build baby’s bones and teeth and to maintain the strength of mom’s bones, too. Calcium needs do not increase during pregnancy because the body becomes more efficient at using the mineral. However, many women don’t get enough calcium or vitamin D (necessary for calcium absorption) during pregnancy. Prenatal supplements with 200 mg of calcium along with vitamin D is needed. In addition foods that are good sources for calcium and vitamin D are recommended.  General multivitamin supplements are not appropriate and the prenatal multivitamins containing vitamin D at 400 IU a day is the recommended choice.

It is useful for filling in small gaps in your diet, although no prenatal multivitamins can guarantee a healthy child.  For example, women who skip animal products benefit from the vitamin B12, iron, zinc, and vitamin D in the prenatal multivitamins.

Some may think prescription prenatal vitamins are better than non-prescription, however there’s no research to support this idea. Prescription prenatal vitamins may have higher levels of iron and folic acid, as well as other nutrients, to meet these special women’s need, but those levels may not be necessary for general pregnant women, as they are generally intended for patients who have the special need.


PACK Count - 12
Product Size/Pack - 60 Doses
Case LBS- 1.59 kg
Case CUBE-CF - 0.0059 m3
Case Dimensions (cm) - 33 x 12 x 15
Item Dimensions (mm) - Ht 14 x 50 Dia
Item Weight - 105g
Pallet TI x HI - 30 x 7



Prenatal Multivitamins


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Multivitamins for Women Before and During Pregnancy


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