My Asthma Family Story

Jim-Asthma-Family-Story-Pic-AMy Asthma Family Story:
By James Liu MD, PhD.

.  .  .

My younger brother died from asthma complications when he was only 8 years old.

He was a caring and smart boy and we all loved him very much.

My parents tried so hard to save his life.

Many times, when I was a little boy, I pulled our family’s Chinese rickshaw (which was our family transportation way back then), to bring my mother and suffering brother to different doctors.

I clearly remember pulling the wooden carriage through muddy roads. It was so difficult, that several times I could not catch my breath due to extreme fatigue, even though I was a young and healthy teenager.

Unfortunately, all of our efforts did not save my brother’s life.

The pain of our family was unspeakable. 

That pain has been with me since 1969.wooden carriage

Later on, when I was a student in medical school, I paid close attention to asthma treatments. I was determined to do whatever I could to help others with asthma.

My experience instilled into me the understanding that the pain of asthma does not only affect the asthma patient, but is shared by the entire family. As a result, not only am I a member of my personal asthma family, but I consider myself to be a part of a global family of those who suffer from asthma.

As a dedication to my lost brother, my life’s purpose is to help reduce the suffering of as many asthmatics as possible.

In my career as a doctor, medical researcher and health product developer, I have formulated three asthma prevention products and one asthma treatment product, for a total of 16 health patents (so far).

I consider it my honor and professional responsibility to help as many people as possible to achieve better health.


James Liu MD, PhD, is the Founder and CEO of Dr Natural Healing, an International leader in providing affordable, natural healing products.


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