Nutritional Supplements for Lactating Women



  Why Dr Natural Healing® Nutritional Supplements Lactating Women Nutritional Needs During Lactation Caring for a newborn child is an exciting, rewarding, and at times exhausting experience for most mothers. As...


Why Dr Natural Healing®
Nutritional Supplements Lactating Women

Nutritional Needs During Lactation

Caring for a newborn child is an exciting, rewarding, and at times exhausting experience for most mothers. As a mother, you have accomplished the amazing feat of giving life to a new person. You now have the opportunity to offer your baby love and care. But, you must pay attention to taking a good care of your own health. As you may know, a nursing mother’s diet can have a profound effect on you and your baby. Healthy nutrients and contaminants alike pass from breast milk to baby.

Increased need for energy and nutrient while breastfeeding: Calorie and protein needs continue to be high during lactation, as you were in pregnancy. The breastfeeding mother requires an extra 300 to 400 calories above you pre–pregnancy needs for the first 12 months of breastfeeding.

Without any question, you need to have the healthy diets with vegetables (fresh or frozen), fruit (fresh or frozen), legumes (beans, peas, or lentils), whole grains, and nuts and seeds. Fish, meat, eggs, and dairy products are good source for proteins. However, your natural diets may not have all of these nutrients. Practically, taking a dietary supplement is a good option as you and your baby need these key nutrients for your recovery and for your baby’s development:

Dr Natural Healing®
Nutritional Supplements Lactating Women

  • Blue Hat – Registered fully compliant with China FDA (CFDA) regulation
  • Key nutrients for increased need of energy during a healthy lactation period to both you and your baby
  • Ideal for women during lactation

Nutritional Information


Service Size: 1 Tablet
Vitamin A (palmitate): 2000 IU
Vitamin C (ascorbic acid): 65 mg
Vitamin D (cholecalciferol): 200 IU
Vitamin E (tocopheryl acetate): 7 IU
Thiamin (thiamin mononitrate): 0.9 mg
Riboflavin: 0.8 mg
Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine HCl): 1 mg
Vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin): 1.4 mcg
Niacin (niacinamide): 9 mg
Pantothenic Acid: 4 mg
Folate (folic acid): 400 mcg
Biotin: 20 mcg
Calcium (calcium carbonate): 270 mg
Magnesium (magnesium oxide): 150 mg
Zinc (zinc oxide): 11 mg
Iron (ferrous fumerate): 12 mg
Manganese (manganese citrate): 1.8 mg
Copper (copper sulfate): 1 mg
Molybdenum (sodium molybdate): 30 mcg
Selenium (sodium selenite): 32 mcg



China FDA (CFDA)
Blue Hat Registered


Nutritional Content and Ingredients

Calcium: Helps to build strong bones and teeth. Main sources include milk, cheese, yogurt, and sardines. During lactation, you need 1,000 milligrams (mg) daily.

Iron: Helps red blood cells deliver oxygen to your baby. Sources include lean red meat, dried beans, peas, and iron-fortified cereals. During lactation you need 9 mg daily.

Vitamin A (as retinol): You need this vitamin for healthy skin, eyesight, and bone growth. Carrots, dark, leafy greens, and sweet potatoes are good sources. During lactation you need 1300 micrograms of retinol daily.

Vitamin B6: Helps form red blood cells and helps your body use protein, fat, and carbohydrates. You can find vitamin B6 in beef, liver, pork, whole-grain cereals, and bananas. During lactation you need 2 mg daily.

Vitamin B12: Helps form red blood cells and maintains your nervous system. You can find this vitamin only in animal products. Good sources include liver, meat, fish, poultry, and milk. During lactation you need 2.8 micrograms daily.

Vitamin C: Promotes healthy gums, teeth, and bones, and helps your body absorb iron. Good sources of vitamin C include citrus fruit, broccoli, tomatoes, and strawberries. During lactation you need 120 mg daily.

Vitamin D: Aids your body in the absorption of calcium to help build your baby’s bones and teeth. Sources include exposure to sunlight, fortified milk, and fatty fish, such as salmon. During lactation you need 600 international units (IUs) daily.

Folate (Folic Acid): It is a B vitamin important in the production of blood and protein. You can find folate in green, leafy vegetables, liver, orange juice, legumes (beans, peas, lentils), and nuts. During lactation doctors recommend 500 micrograms daily.


PACK Count - 12
Product Size/Pack - 60 Doses
Case LBS- 1.59 kg
Case CUBE-CF - 0.0059 m3
Case Dimensions (cm) - 33 x 12 x 15
Item Dimensions (mm) - Ht 14 x 50 Dia
Item Weight - 105g
Pallet TI x HI - 30 x 7



Nutritional Supplements for Lactating Women


CFDA & US FDA Registered & cGMP Manufactured


Product Description

Multivitamins for lactating women

60 Tablets

Weight: 102 g


Case Information

48 Bottles/Case

Weight: 4.986 kg