Prime Asthma Relief Refills – Safe And Fast-Acting OTC Inhalation of Epinephrine


REFILLS for Advanced OTC Asthma Epinephrine Nebulizer

temporarily relieves mild symptoms of intermittent bronchial asthma, including shortness of breath, wheezing and tightness of chest.

  • Epinephrine
  • FDA Registered OTC
  • Easy To Use –
  • Light Weight Portable and Discreet
  • No Battery Needed – No Maintenance
  • Fast Acting
  • Affordable

Package contains 40 Medicine Capsules.
Simple to use: DROP, CLICK, BREATHE.
Developed by Dr. James Z. Liu, MD, PhD. Dr Natural Healing.

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Prime Asthma Relief Refills – Safe And Fast-Acting OTC Inhalation of Epinephrine

Package contains 40 medicine capsules.

The Advanced New OTC Asthma Therapy:

  • Safe, simple and reliable
  • Proven efficacy
  • More Reliable than an Atomizer
  • Safer than an Atomizer
  • Easier to maintain after use
  • Affordable for every Asthma Sufferer

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Q: What Is The History Of The Active Ingredient, Epinephrine, Used To Relieve Symptoms Of Asthma In Your OTC Inhaler?

A: Epinephrine is normally produced by everyone’s body. It has been safely used as a bronchodilator for over 100 years, and it is listed as an over-the-counter (OTC) ingredient by the US FDA. Prime Asthma Relief is manufactured as an OTC medicine to relieve symptoms of bronchial asthma by using epinephrine as an active ingredient.

Q: Why Use A Dry Powder Inhaler (DPI) To Deliver Epinephrine?

A: The dry powder formation of Prime Asthma Relief OTC Inhaler products contain no gelatin, no propellant, and no other preservative chemicals. It is environment friendly. DPI-delivery has been used for more than 50 years to safely treat many respiratory diseases.

Q: What Ingredients Are In Prime Asthma Relief Capsule?

A: In each capsule, the active ingredient is epinephrine, and the inactive ingredient is lactose, a component of milk. Lactose is to carry epinephrine to flow into the lung. If anyone is allergic to lactose or epinephrine, she/he should not use this product.

Q: Is The Prime Asthma Relief Capsule Full?

A: The capsule is filled according to the weight of the dry powder contents and not totally full. The partial fullness is easy for the fine powder to flow into your lung when you perform inhalation after the capsule is punctured to release the fine powder.

Q: How Many Doses In The Prime Asthma Relief Kit And Refill?

A: Each capsule contains one dose. Since 20 capsules are packed in the Prime Asthma Relief Starter Kit, it has 20 doses. 40 capsules are packed in the refill box so there are 40 doses.

Q: How Many Times Of Inhalations Should I Perform In Order To Inhale All Dry Powder Into My Lungs?

A: This depends on the power of your lungs. Generally, two effective inhalations should inhale almost all fine powder into your lungs. You should always open the dry powder inhaler to check if the capsule still has any powder left. When you see there is some dry powder left inside of the capsule, you can repeat this inhalation as many times as needed.

Q: How Often Should I Clean My Mouthpiece Of? What Should Be Used?

A: The mouthpiece should be wiped after each use with a clean tissue or napkin. When you keep the dry powder inhaler in a clean and dry place, you have no need to use any liquid to clean it. In case you used water to clean the dry powder inhaler, you must let the inhaler completely air dry before next use.

Q: Can The Mouthpiece Be Rinsed With Alcohol?

A: No, this is not recommended, however, if you used the alcohol cotton ball or isopropyl alcohol swab to wipe your mouthpiece of the inhaler, it would be fine.

Q: Is The Dry Powder Inhaler Dishwasher-Safe?

A: Yes. But not needed.

Q: How Long The Dry Powder Otc Inhaler Can Be Used?

A: Generally, it is good for about 6 months of active use. If you purchased a new starter kit but the inhaler did not function well (very rare), please call 888-658-8108 or 302-265-2213 to obtain technical support. After correctly using the inhaler if still not functioning well, you may request for replacement.

Q: Is The Packaging Recyclable?

A: The outer carton for Prime Asthma Relief can be recycled. The dry powder inhaler is made with plastic and can be recycled accordingly.

Q: Do Any Prime Asthma Relief Products Contain Gelatin, Propellant Or Other Preservative Chemicals?

A: No. Prime Asthma Relief products contain no gelatin, no propellant, and no other preservative chemicals. It is environment friendly.

Q: Do Any Prime Asthma Relief Products Contain Lead?

A: No. Prime Asthma Relief products are lead-free.

Q: Do Any Prime Asthma Relief Products Contain Steroids?

A: No. Prime Asthma Relief products do not contain steroids.

Q: What Is A Bronchodilator?

A: The bronchodilator is the drug that helps widen the airways in the lungs to increase the flow of air and improve breathing.

Epinephrine is a form of safe and proven bronchodilator used for over 100 years.


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