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Dr. Natural’s Story

DrNaturalHealing, Inc. is a registered manufacturer in the State of Delaware, and certified by the US FDA. Collaborate with our strategic partners, we manufacture a range of foods, drugs and medical devices products.

Our Mission:
To Combine Advanced Medical Science with Proven Natural Healing and provide our customers with effective, reliable and powerful wellness solutions for their health and well-being. 

Our Guarantee:
Our Products are developed under the direction of Dr. James Z. Liu, MD, PhD, founder, DR NATURAL HEALING.

Meet Dr. James Z. Liu, MD, PhD.

Read Dr. Liu’s personal mission to help Asthma Sufferer’s everywhere.

Dr. Liu, our founder and chief inventor for Dr Natural Healing, has made it his life’s work to create new products to improve the health and overall well-being of our customer’s lives.

At Dr Natural Healing, we believe health is our most precious possession. It is the very foundation of our lives, and everyone deserves to feel healthy, strong and happy. Everyone can feel better and enjoy a rich quality of life regardless of any illness they are working to manage or overcome.

Dr. Liu leads a team of dedicated professionals, all striving to provide better wellness solutions for our customers everyday.

  • Dr. Liu has successfully developed many new products at Abbvie (Abbott Labs), J&J and AstraZeneca.
  • Dr. Liu personally managed numerous clinical trials from start to completion that contributed FDA 510(k) and NDA approvals on medical devices and drug products
  • Dr. Liu also served as the Seminar Chairman of Ross Products Division of Abbott Laboratories R&D for two years.
  • Dr. Liu served as a Research Assistant Professor at Pennsylvania State University and was responsible for conducting laboratory research on the mechanism of action of cancer chemoprevention.
  • Before joining Penn State, Dr. Liu was an Assistant Professor at Shandong University
    School of Medicine
    , teaching medical students to conduct epidemiology and cancer prevention studies.
  • Dr. Liu has published 32 peer-reviewed research articles, authored over 20 US patents and received more than 20 medical research awards from the national governments, national professional societies, universities and companies.
  • Dr. Liu received his M.D. at Shandong University School of Medicine, and his Ph.D. at Pennsylvania State University.
  • Dr. Liu has obtained 12 patents in the United States and abroad. Four additional patents
    are pending.

A Pioneer in Nasal Irrigation for Common Respiratory Diseases:
The Development of NasalCare

One of the patented technologies, developed by Dr. Liu, is an FDA registered medical device, named NasalCare®. This product was honored in March 2010 as the sole recipient of “Best New Product” Award at the North America ECRM Cough & Cold and Allergy Conference.

Dr. Liu has a keen interest in developing cost-effective products for improving the quality
of life for millions of people. When he realized that there was no drug or vaccine for treating
or preventing a number of common respiratory infectious diseases, he pioneered nasal irrigation in early 1997, which was three years ahead of the current marketing leader in
nasal irrigation industry.

Our NasalCare® product is independently verified as the safest squeeze-bottle nasal irrigator on the market, since it eliminates 99.6% backflow contamination. Dr. Liu’s unique invention has helped countless people and is recognized the world over.

Currently, NasalCare® is being used by millions of patients worldwide to treat nasal allergy, acute and chronic rhinitis, cold/flu, etc. In fact, more and more patients are turning to NasalCare® to improve their quality of life, and respiratory health.

Our Awards

WIBest New Product AwardNNER of “Best New Product”
2010 ECRM Cough & Cold and Allergy Conference.

Winning Product: DR NATURAL HEALING NasalCare Nasal Rinse


This product includes an innovative irrigator that provides an easily controlled and comfortable nasal cleansing that has helped many patients who suffer from nasal allergies and sinus problems. Its one-way liquid and air valves work in tandem to provide a nasal rinse without the usual backwash.

The anti-backwash feature allows a simple rinse of the NasalCare cap to clean. Our scientifically formulated all natural, nasal rinse solution soothes and moisturizes your nose without stinging or burning. Nasal rinse products like neti pots are messy and you do risk re-infection from using backwash-prone bottles.

NasalCare has a recognized and time-proven system for treating your nasal-sinus conditions.

Our customers tell us they breathe better after the first try. We are grateful it makes the feel better. We hope you’ll see what it can do for you.

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