30 Nasal Rinse Mix Refills (Premium Saline Packets)



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DrNaturalHealing® NasalCare Rinse Mix Refill 30

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30 Nasal Rinse Mix Refills (Premium Saline Packets)

Use together with Award Winning Patented Dual Valve Anti-backflow Technology Irrigator

Natural herbs premix for antiviral, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammation, anti-histamine activities

NasalCare Rinse Mix is better than regular saline:

  • Made with a natural sea salt, no additives
  • Natural Aloe Vera – soothing, no nasal dryness
  • Contains bicarbonate for better allergy relief
  • Citric acid/sodium citrate buffer system to improve the sense of patients’ smell
  • Reduce inflammation and to balance pH
  • Slightly hypertonic and comfortable
  • Promotes detoxification function of nasal cilia membrane
  • No stinging, burning or nasal discomfort
  • All natural, free of preservatives, iodine and latex
  • More nasal-membrane biocompatible than regular saline!

Made with all-natural ingredients from the U.S.A.

Use these DrNaturalHealing nasal cleansing refill packets with the following health products:

  • Nasal Cleanse Kit
  • Allergen Remover Kit
  • Cold Flu Care Kit
  • Cold Virus Remover Kit
  • Neti Pot Kit
  • Nasal Cleanser Irrigation Bottle

Developed by Dr. James Z. Liu, MD, PhD.

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DrNaturalHealing® NasalCare Rinse Mix Refill 30 ct

US FDA Registered OTC