Prime Asthma Relief Kit (Temporary Bottled Package)




Due to long lead time of a special foil film required to package Prime Asthma Relief capsules into blister format, we have decided to package the same Prime Asthma Relief capsules into bottles for quick delivery to many customers who have expressed a strong need for this product. There is no change to this product or the use of this product other than packaging only.  That is instead of packaging the capsules in blister, we are temporarily packaging in bottles. You are to use the capsules the same exact way as before, with dry powder inhaler to inhale the drug.  In the package of Prime Asthma Relief Kit, 1 dry powder inhaler and 1 bottle of 20 capsules are included; and for Prime Asthma Relief Refill, 1 bottle of 40 capsules is included.


Over the Counter Inhaler for Asthma


  • FDA Registered OTC
  • Easy To Use Dry Powder Inhaler
  • Light Weight 
  • Fast Acting
  • Affordable
  • No Battery Needed – No Maintenance
  • Portable and Discreet

Available now!

Package contains 1 Epinephrine Inhaler and 20 Medicine Capsules.

Simple to use: DROP, CLICK, BREATHE.

PRIME ASTHMA RELIEF Over the Counter Inhaler temporarily relieves mild symptoms of intermittent bronchial asthma, including shortness of breath, wheezing and tightness of chest.

No Risk 45-day Money Back Guarantee!


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